Saturday, March 20, 2010

The State of A Sad State

I'm trying to make my first feature-length film, A Sad State of Affairs. It's a screwball-ish comedy with a few musical numbers about a wandering street performer who meets a stubborn amateur politician at a roadside motel. The film will star Jeremy Trager, Laura Morton, and Darren Gresham.

People who have read the script think it's funny. So, it should be a very fun movie to make and to watch--and that is good.

What's not so good is the state of the indie film "industry" right now. Big studio movies are making a ton of money, but it's not quite as simple for the smaller films. Things are changing and filmmakers are devising new ways to connect with their audience, whether it is through film festivals, a microcinema, DVDs, or video streaming. Most likely, it is a combination of all these. But, once a film builds an audience and gets fans, anything is possible.

So, this is where you come in! A Sad State of Affairs won't cost much money to make, but it will still cost something. And, if you're interested, I'd like you to get involved in the project. I've started a Kickstarter page for the movie to raise $3,500 to go towards the cost of production. I'm not asking for donations--you get something in return for your support, like a DVD or an autographed copy of the script--even a trip to LaSalle County, Illinois to see the sights. It all depends on your pledge level. $10 is a big help, especially if I get 350 people to sign up!

You can read a draft of the script yourself and see how quirky it is, and why something like this can only be made in the indie world. Take a look at the script, visit our kickstarter page, and hopefully you will join us!

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